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dsIT Portal

Web portal for building web sites and online systems.

  • www.dsit.bg

Integrated solution for building online systems, corporate sites and web applications.
dsIT Portal works behind several successful systems in Bulgaria, including www.dsit.bg

Our portal is fully developed on the "open" solutions oriented small, medium and big business. Its user interface is intuitive and its architecture is flexible and easily adaptable to innovations in technology.
Out of the Box - installation on PHP (5.3+) and PostgreSQL (9.0+) and can be integrated with MySQL database.
Portal offers:
- Pages management
- Manage page views (Responsive Web Design)
- Web Content Management
- Users and Groups management
- Manage user interface (themes and styles)
- Manage virtual sites
- Built-in search
- Multiple applications (feedback, site map, etc.).
- User rights and roles for access to each component
- API for integration of external applications
and many others.