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Vox Populi

Interactive TV format of bTV Media Group

  • www.btv.bg
  • www.btv.bg
  • www.btv.bg
  • www.btv.bg
Software system for transmission Vox Populi on bTV.
Interactive TV format, which is a film with two options for the finale, viewers vote on how to complete. For it we created a software system to record and process information from viewers in real time, with the following features:
- Voting - system processes the votes in real-time Voice, SMS, Facebook and Website.
- Chat - module for chatting between users of all communication channels with the possibility of sending to the TV system for real-time visualization.
- Mobile Apps - applications for Android and iOS.
- Facebook - option for voting and chat via Facebook
- Web - microsite created for the show.
- Administrative Panel - designed to control the entire system: upload news, photos and other materials on the site, upload video files for each series.
  • Client : Interactive TV
  • Category : Custom software
  • WEB : www.btv.bg